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margaritaf-deactivated20140926 → Why didn't Jem and Will go to the Academy? They didn't want to or they weren't allowed to? I'm feeling guilty as hell for bombarding you with questions but I just have to know! I'm sorry!


One usually goes to the Academy at about twelve. It’s assumed that one has been tutored at home up until that point in Shadowhunter basics.

At twelve, Will was the raggedy desperate boy who’d showed up at the door of the Institute and said he had nowhere else to go. Charlotte wasn’t going to pack him off to the Academy. Especially since he lacked the basics of knowing anything about Shadowhunters. He would have been chewed up and tortured. Charlotte didn’t know the specifics of Will’s problem, but she certainly knew enough to know he would have an awful time.

At twelve, Jem was poisoned and dying. The Academy simply would have not have wasted the resources training someone who wouldn’t survive to use the training.

The Clave are not nice people. Their school is not necessarily a nice place. :)

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I just want Jaces mangos.

Is that to much to ask for?

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Normal people don’t know.. on We Heart It.


Normal people don’t know.. on We Heart It.

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Did she realize how loved she would make us feel when she typed this up??


Did she realize how loved she would make us feel when she typed this up??

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Each of them main characters from TMI teaches the readers some valuable life lessons…

Izzy: Dress to impress, stomp on the hearts of your enemies with you 7 inch heels

Simon: It’s cool to release your inner nerd- in fact do it often, you never know when it will come in handy

Clary: Don’t let…

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Cassie is releasing a short story once a month about Simon’s story!!!! GUYS ITS NOT OVER, OUR TMI BABIES WILL LIVE ON

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Will, with the crease between his eyebrows, with green eyes like celery and the ability to quote the Dauntless manifesto from memory.

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girls think having a period sucks but try having to fix your penis discreetly through your pocket 

having the insides of your organs shed and come out through your genitals does not compare to having displaced balls sorry

none of you can do it discreetly anyways

we see you

everyone sees you

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